Three Things Thursday

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday! Here's a few random things happening in my world today.

1. I made it until November running in shorts and a t-shirt, but I've finally had to pull out the tights and long sleeve t's. This morning I went to put on a pair of tights that I haven't worn since last year and as I was walking out the door I noticed there was a huge hole in the butt! Luckily, I noticed before I was out running! I don't remember that hole from last year and they've just been in a tub in my closet so I am not sure how that happened!

2. Today is my first double run of my marathon training. I did 6 this morning and I will do 6 again this evening.

3. I had something containing beets and I didn't hate it! I tried this new juice, iQ, we got at work yesterday and it is so good. Typically I don't waste calories on juice, unless it is fresh squeezed, but this tastes like fresh.  I was good and only drank half the bottle yesterday (2 servings per bottle) and I am looking forward to enjoying the rest today.

What's happening in your world today?


  1. Man! Good thing you noticed! That would have been a crummy breeze to have! I had to wear tights this am, too. Only second time this year. So weird to be wearing them! (but necessary)

    Is this one of your doubles as a LR day, or just a double day?

    1. This was the first of the split long runs..... I'm not sure how I feel about them yet!


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