If It Seems Too Good To Be True

I got all my medals from my 7 contents out to display at my celebration party. As I cleaned up, it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a nice rack to display them on, rather than just dumping them in the basement.

So I went to Amazon and did a search.

This was my first result.

And it was only $10.99.

That alone should have made me suspicious. Or I should have at least read all the specs. But I didn't, I just bought it with one click.

When it arrived, I saw why it was so cheap- it is tiny! It might be big enough to hold Barbie's medals, but it isn't big enough for mine.

shown next to my hand and a medal so you get an idea of the scale
So now I'm in the market for a medal display rack actually big enough to hold my medals. Any suggestions?


  1. Oh man! That's nuts it's so small! I've always thought Allied Medal Hangers had the best ones! https://www.medalhangers.com/


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