Life is Workout

I went up to my family's house on Southport Island for the 4th of July weekend. It was a fun weekend in the most beautiful place on earth (in my opinion).

Since the weekend included a lot of food and drinks, I was determined to get my exercise in. 

drinks on the boat as we waited for the fireworks

However I always finder it harder to get in quality workouts when I go "home." I don't have access to a gym, there is the temptation to sleep in and then sit around chatting with my family over coffee and breakfast. Plus, Southport is really hilly so running and biking are just harder. 

Friday, the hills crushed my spirit on my bike ride. I couldn't take more than 15 miles. Saturday my run was interrupted by the first annual Southport Fourth of July parade. Sunday the heat got to me.

Sushi in her tutu was the star of the parade

At first I was a little annoyed with myself for not getting in longer workouts. But then I thought about how tired I was at the end of each day. I may not have been doing formal exercise, but I was mowing the lawn, walking the dog, kayaking, swimming, and running around the yard with the kids. I was moving. My fitbit had me getting about 25,000 steps a day. As runners and athletes we get so caught up in our training plans and and logging our miles, that we forget that life itself can be a workout. Sometimes we have to let go of our plans and just get out there and have fun with our friends and family. You'll still get your exercise, but it might be a lot more fun.

What did you do over the holiday weekend?