What's Up Wednesday

1. I am having a glorious summer
Much to my delight, my second summer semester turned out to be much easier than the first. So I've been spending long weekends up on Southport boating, kayaking, stuffing my face with fresh seafood, and gets lots of quality family time. At home during the week I've been going to a stand-up paddleboard meet-up, outdoor yoga, free outside concerts and movies, and having study groups at the beach. Summer may be short in Maine, but it sure is sweet.

Dinner with a view

2. I am loving my lab
Last semester in lab we mostly worked on the dummies because we were working on skills you wouldn't want to practice on a real person (like injecting meds and inserting a catheter). However this semester we are learning how to do a complete physical exam and so we get to practice on each other. Getting to see and hear and touch all this stuff for real is so cool! Last week we learned how to look back at the retina and see the optic disc, the macula, and the blood vessels. We also got to look into the ear and see the tympanic membrane. This week we are doing heart and lungs. I am totally geeking out- the human body is amazing.

3. I am still undecided on the fitness front

I've just been doing whatever I want for workouts- trying to get a decent balance of cardio and strength, but also just doing whatever appeals to me most that day. I am feeling the itch to train for something, but I just can't seem to commit to anything. Part of it is that my hip is still a bit iffy and I don't want to push myself into a full blown injury. Also, I just balk when I look at the price tag for the events I am interested in. I'd rather have groceries for a few weeks than do one race!

what to do when you wake up and it is hot and still? Go for a paddle!
What's happening in your world?


  1. I am so happy to hear school is going well! And it's so fun you get to start playing with others now, lol.


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