Block Party Island Style

During my two week break from school I am staying at my Mom's and working on the boat I worked on in high school and college. This means that I am getting to participate in a lot of fun summer traditions that I have missed since I moved away- including the Cape Newagen neighborhood party.

Now when your neighborhood involves several islands, the party is a little different than most block parties!

You don't have to worry about hitting traffic on the road, but rowing a dingy full of friends and family is a lot more work than driving a car full of people!

And you might have to worry about finding a space at the dock to tie up your dingy!

Finding a pair of shoes that matches your dress and allows you to walk on the rocks and through the brush is a challenge!

While exploring the island is fun, the terrain does provide a challenge when carrying a full glass of wine.

Trying to get my hubby to smile for a picture is impossible, no matter where we are!

When you have too much fun and stay too long, you come back and find the tide has gone out around your boat! So you have to do some not traditional maneuvering to get yourself off the rocks!

Do you have (or did you growing up) have neighborhood parties with any fun traditions?