First Anniversary Fun

Yesterday Rory and I celebrated our first anniversary. Our first year as a married couple flew by, but at the same time, the wedding seems like so long ago. 

It seemed appropriate that we head up to my Mom's on Southport Island for the weekend, since that is where we got married. 

Just like our wedding, our anniversary was a celebration of who we are as people. Time together, time with our family, good food and drink, and the beautiful place where we live are things we really value. 

We did some exploring, saw seals and harbor porpoise and even tried fishing off our boat for the first time!

Rory got 4 fish big enough to keep and we enjoyed them for dinner.

After dinner we open the special bottle of champagne that a wonderful friend gave us way back when we first got engaged. We had it with the top of our wedding cake, which we had saved from the wedding. The champagne was definitely better than the year old cake!

I can't wait to see what the next year will bring for us!

How did you spend your first anniversary?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I was going to ask if you ate your cake top! Ours was so good! Bummer that yours wasn't! I think you should go out for more cake this week, ha!

    1. We made up for the cake with giant waffle ice cream sundaes!


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