One of the things I love about yoga is the prompting to set an intention at beginning of class. Outside of the studio, I rarely take the time to ask myself what exactly it is that I need in that moment. I am too busy trying to blast through my to do list.

Sometimes I struggle with identifying the right intention but this week the same intention kept floating effortlessly to mind. Acceptance.

For a type A control freak like myself accepting things as they come isn't easy. But, there are so many things in my life right that are beyond my control and I need to just accept.

It is finals week. Accept that I have studied enough, that I know the material, and that I will do fine.

Fall semester is just 2 weeks away. They keep shifting my schedule. I start clinicals. I am taking a lot of credits. Accept that I can't control my schedule, as much as I would like to. Accept that I will be able to make any schedule work. I will be able to handle the work. Clinicals will be okay. I won't kill my patient.

I still have a full year left in my nursing program. That means a full year of school expenses and life expenses but no income. That's scary. Accept that I am investing in my future. That I am making  a temporary sacrifice in order to do something that I've always wanted. That we will get through this year and that I will get a job and make money again when I graduate.

I've been dealing with a few nagging injuries. Accept that injuries happy. Be happy that I am not training for anything big right now. Accept that giving my body what it needs will help me to heal faster (even if that isn't what my brain wants).

Accept that relationships can be hard. People are complex, so friendships evolve and marriage can be a challenge. Accept the challenge and accept the tough times and trust that things will be good again.