A Yogi's Dilemma

Two times at yoga this week I was stuck in a yoga quandary.

I got to class early, put down my mat, and settled in. The teacher started class and I started to feel grounded and relaxed. Then I was yanked out of my reverie by the creak of the door and the sound of someone banging around (and in one case talking loudly). Then, in both cases, the person who arrived late chose to ask me to move to make room for his/her mat. In both cases I had to move into a less comfortable, more cramped, spot in the room (once on a heat vent and once by the drafty window).

So annoying! I got to class on time! This is my relaxation time! Why should I have to interrupt my practice and be uncomfortable because you arrived late? If nothing else, I was enjoying my indignation.

But then I remembered where I was. Yoga. A place about acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go of things that don't serve me.  I knew a real yogi could let it go. I knew my practice would be better if I could let it go.

Bah that's so hard though!


  1. I love that you wrote about this! I always struggle with people coming in late to yoga--they are so disruptive. And like you I try to get my head in a yoga state of mind. Sigh.

    1. I'm so glad to hear other people have this problem too! It makes me feel like a terrible person, but it just drives me nuts!


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