Just not feeling it

Warning...... this post is whiny and sad.

I am not a fan of this week.

This is an empty large bag of dark chocolate m&m's. All consumed in one night. That tells you about how well the dietbet challenge is going. I am okay during the day, but I just can't stop eating junk at night!!

Here is the warmest point of the day yesterday. Feels like -14. I went running at 7 am when it was even colder. It was miserable and I think I got frost bite. My skin was bright, bright red when I got back and I had some patches of white that were super itchy. Now I have strange red spots that won't go away. The extreme cold just makes everything miserable.

And then there is the race I signed up for this weekend.

What was I thinking? I spent some time looking at the race website this week. I came across the line, "Many say this race is among the toughest anywhere, with hills." Seriously?

I am not feeling like a challenge. I have felt tired all week and my workouts have all been lackluster. Plus it's going to be freezing. 

Wah, wah. Woe is me. Life is so hard. 

What has you down this week? 


  1. Oh man! What were you wearing on that run? Is your skin still all red? Ouch!

    That elevation does look killer! :(

    Work is my big annoyance this week. Typical ;)

    1. I was silly and just wore one pair of thin tights. I was being lazy and didn't wear my insulated tights because I didn't want to do laundry before the race this weekend. Silly, silly.


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