The day I finally broke down

 I've lived in Maine for much of my life and I am a proud Mainer. But there was just one thing missing in my life that kept me from experiencing the true Maine condition........ I did not own a pair of L.L. Bean boots.

I did not think I needed them. I had lots of boots. I had rain boots, Uggs, cute ankle cowboy boots, tall leather black boots, tall brown swede boots with a wedge heel, cross country ski boots, downhill ski boots, and clam digging boots. Turns out that was not enough.

If you shovel a large driveway wearing rain boots (even with thick socks) you feet will be frozen. If you try to walk from the ski lodge to your car through a very puddly, slushy parking lot wearing Uggs, your Uggs will be ruined. If you try to walk on an icy cobblestone street in the Old Port in your wedge swede boots you will both fall and twist your ankle a million times.

So I caved and bought Bean boots.

It's like wearing a fanny pack on a long run. It's not very fashionable, but it is super practical.

Have you ever broken down and bought something that you said you never would?


  1. LOL! At least they look pretty cute! So true about the Uggs getting ruined... it's funny that those are purely for looks!

    I broke down and bought something similar to "jeggings" last year. Sigh.


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