Romantic Ski Weekend in Rangely

I don't care if my significant other runs, because I don't mind doing that alone. But, he really needs to ski. I grew up skiing with my family and I want to ski as a family when I have kids. So, after some considerable lobbying, I managed to convince the BF to learn to ski this weekend.

We decided to make a weekend out of it, since Rangley is a 2.5 hours drive. We stayed at the Loon Lodge which was absolutely adorable. It was rustic, warm, and cozy and we had a great view of the lake from our room. Even better, they had a special romance package so we got 2 nights, a bottle of champagne and a 3 course dinner for just $300!

Friday night we got there around 7 and had a light dinner in the pub. $5 wine, a giant bowl of french onion soup, and a seat by the fire. I was a happy girl. Saturday night we went for our 3 course dinner. We nestled into a small table by the window, overlooking the lake, and next to a woodstove. We both started with the Loon Lodge Salad- greens topped with cranberries, roasted pecans, feta, and fried onions. I had lobster ravioli and the BF had the baked stuffed haddock. Both were fresh, flavorful, and generously sized. We both got the brownie sundae for dessert, I was torn between that and the almond cake, but I knew if I tasted the boy's sundae and it was good, I'd be totally jealous. We left completely stuffed and happy that we just had to stumble upstairs and into our bed.

We skied at Saddleback, which I chose partly because I had a free ticket from a giveaway at a brewery, and partly because I thought it would be a good place for the BF to learn. It is a smaller, family friendly mountain and doesn't get super crowded. They had a great learn to ski package- he got his ticket, rentals, and lessons for $75. Not that he needed lessons. He was totally natural, and he totally loved it! Yeah, I converted him to the dark side!

It was a hard weekend not to love skiing. We're having a January thaw, so the temperature was in the 40's. The snow was soft, the wind was warm, and the sun was out. I did some harder, faster runs by myself when the BF was in lessons and I felt invincible. I was just blasting down double black diamonds.

Life my friends, was pretty darn good this weekend.

P.S. I am the featured Running Revolutionary this week over at Mainely Running. Check it out! And thanks ladies!


  1. Ooo, that does sound like fab conditions for skiing. And what a great deal at the resort! Happy to hear your bf was a natural. When are you guys going back? ;)


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