Resolution Reflection Week 1

 Yikes, I can't believe it is January 6th already and we are already a week into 2013. Time flies. Since in the past I have made my resolutions and then pretty much forgot about them, this year I am going to try to check in more regularly. And since there is no time like the present, let's see how I did this week.

Resolution 1. Take a least 1 day off from working out a month. 
Not done yet. I am saving my day off for after one of my longer runs in my training plan. I did however concentrate more on quality and total body fitness instead of just racking up the cardio minutes.

Resolution 2. Be more positive about work.
Accomplished! I went into work on January 2nd after a week off feeling really good and maintained that all week (all 3 days of it.) It helped that everyone else was also working and that it was below zero, so I didn't feel like I was missing anything.

Resolution 3. Be more mindful of my finances. 

In process! I set up all my accounts on (I had done this a long time ago but hadn't kept it up to date). Mint will track all my transactions for me and break down my spending. Being mindful and taking action however are 2 different things. I was bored yesterday and went to the mall and blew a bunch of money on things I didn't need.

4. Lose 10 pounds.
Not too bad. I did a good job not going crazy at night with multiple servings of dessert and keeping my portion sizes generally in check. Friday I totally fell off the wagon, eating most of a big bag of peanut m&m's during the afternoon and then ended up at Gritty's after the art walk where we got sweet potato fries covered in pulled pork and cheese for dinner followed by gelato. BUT I forced myself to forgive myself and hop right back into the healthy eating on Saturday. This is huge because in the past I would just give up for good and continue gorging for a good week.

How are your resolutions going?