Running it Out

I try to keep religion out of my blog because I know it can be a polarizing topic, but I can't stop thinking about the sermon at the Easter service I went to yesterday. The topic was "Walking with God." The gist of it was that you need time each day to just walk with God. You do not need to go to God with a specific message or request, rather this is a time to "walk it out." This is a time to sift through all the thoughts in your head and have time to process time and make sense of them.

This totally resonated with me because this is what running is for me. I run it out. I run first thing in the morning and it is when I allow all my random thoughts to come to the surface. It gives me time to honor each of these thoughts and then organize them and put them away before I start my day. As a result, I start the day feeling calm and like my life is orderly. Of course, usually each day brings something to mess up this calm and order, but then I have my next run to restore it.

What do you do to work out the chaos in your life?


  1. I like to start my morning like that too, because it gives me focus! That is interesting that they call it (well, that idea) walking with God!


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