Boston One Fund 5k

There are times when I am so proud and honored to be part of the running community that it brings me to tears. Last night was one of those nights. I ran in the Boston One Fund 5k, organized by the Maine Running Company.

When I first saw the race announced I almost didn't sign up because I don't really like to run at night. And then I thought about it again and told myself to get over myself. This is a race to honor and raise money for Boston victims. I am privileged to be able to run, even if it isn't my preferred time of day.

The race was held on one of my favorite trails, a dirt loop around Back Bay. It was the perfect night- warm, sunny, with a nice refreshing breeze.

There were lots of people in Boston gear and we took a moment to honor all those who ran in this year's race at the start.

Most movingly, there were 2 people who were injured. Hearing their stories made the horror even more real to me.

The whole race was pretty informal, and right before the start someone said that we ought to sing the national anthem. Someone volunteered to lead and we all sang along. This brought me to tears. 600 runners gathered at sunset to run for a common cause joined in the national anthem.

And then we were running. I knew the trail would be crowded and that I wasn't there to set a PR. I just ran. I spent some time thinking about those killed and injured, about the mass acts of violence that seem to be happening with more frequency, and then about how amazing the running community is. 

I didn't look at my watch, so I was really surprised to finish in 25 minutes. That is pretty speedy for me. But honestly, my time didn't really matter. 

The finish was also informal, but had an amazing atmosphere. Those who had finished were hugging, dancing, and going back to cheer on those who were still running. 

I am a runner and it is an honor. 


  1. This sounds like such a good way to do a 5K to honor the victims of the bombing! That is amazing that everyone joined in on singing the national anthem!


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