Birthday Catch Up

I had such a fabulous birthday weekend filled with the people I love most. Friday night I went out to Hibachi at Fugi with the BF and his sister. Neither of them had ever been and loved it. Saturday I started my morning with my favorite bootcamp class and headed to the beach. It was the perfect beach day, just the right temperature.

We went to Pine Point, which I love because it is clean and quiet. BUT, you can easily walk to Old Orchard,  if you want a little more action, which we decided we did. We walked the mile and half to Pirate's Patio, where we sat with our feet in the sand, listening to music and drinking margaritas.

We had so much fun that we stayed a little longer than we intended. When we got back on the beach we realized that the tide had come up a LOT. Naturally we had left our bags (which had my car keys) back at Pine Point. We booked in back, hoping they hadn't washed away. The water was about 2 inches from my towel. 10 minutes later and our stuff would have been gone!

At night, we got dressed up and headed in Portland for a cocktail and appetizer crawl.

Sunday morning I ran off my post cocktail fuzziness before the BF and I headed up the coast to my Mom's. We spent Sunday and Monday playing tennis, eating good food, playing some music, and kayaking. We also got the boat ready to put in the water. I got the lovely job of putting on the bottom paint. Crawling under the trailer, lying on the ground, and then slapping on nasty bottom paint is not my favorite job. I did a great job of bottom painting myself too!

After a wonderful weekend I start my last year as a twenty-something refreshing and happy.


  1. Yay! That is a fabulous weekend! Minus the painting. LOL!


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