Shacking Up, Fattening Up

It's been about a week and half since the BF moved in. We are officially "living in sin," as my Mom said my Grandmother would have called it. I will spare you all the lovey dovey stuff, but things are great. EXCEPT,  I have already noticed a distinct upward trend on the scale.

Just looking back at the past week, I can see how it happened. The BF is currently obsessed with the local donut shop, so he goes at least 3 times a week. I gave him strict instructions not to bring me one home, but naturally I have to try a bite of his each time. 2 bites of donut x 3-4 times a week= a donut.

Friday night we were out doing errands and he wanted to grab dinner while we were out. I let him choose so we ended up at the mall food court because he had a craving for teriayki chicken. I don't even know the last time I ate at the food court.

Saturday and Sunday nights I cooked. But instead of my usual veggie meals, I made meat with a carb so he would like it too. And man does that guy eat fast. He is done in less than 5 minutes. Sub-consciously, I try to keep up.

Last night, I had to work late so I put him in charge of dinner. What did he come up with? Poutine. French fries covered in cheese and gravy. I ended up throwing together my own meal with stuff from the fridge and freezer- bulgar with chicken, spinach, cranberries, and a little of his gravy.

I think this may have to be a key strategy- separate but together. I want us to have meals together, but we can eat different things together. Or, even better I can influence him to eat more veggies and whole grains. And, I need to remember that he is a lot bigger than me. I don't need to eat the same amount. I have officially issued him a challenge to slow down while he is eating. I timed him Sunday night and it took him 6 minutes to eat. I challenged him to increase the time it takes to eat each meal by 2 minutes a day until he reaches 20 minutes. 

Has anyone else had this experience? How did you manage it? Help!!