The challenges of working at home

I have been working soley at home now since September. After years of travelling nearly every week, it was a welcome change at first. I actually got to spend time in the house I bought! No more wasting 20-30 hours in airports and airplanes. No more living out of a suitcase. But now, the novelty is starting to wear off and it is actually starting to cause some problems.

sometimes it feels like a prison
First of all, I am really stressed out by work, which I think it because I never really disconnect with work. I used to be really good about not checking work e-mail or working before I got to the office in the morning and after I left at night. But now, my laptop is always sitting there, so I keep just "checking in." In the morning I check my e-mail before I run, so my head is filled work stuff while I run. At night, I keep checking my e-mail because my customers are in California and I am in Maine. If I stop working at a reasonable hour for me, I feel like I am neglecting them.

It is also starting to cause some friction between me the BF. Because I am in the house all day all week, when I am not working, I want to get out. I used to be so happy to stay home on weekends, but now I try to pack every day with activities away from home. The BF, on the other hand, works long shifts at a really stressful job, so he just wants to veg out at home when he isn't working. I feel like I am dragging him out against his will, but I feel so stir crazy when I am at home.

Finally, it has not lead to the healthier eating I imagined. When I travelling, it was a challenge to eat well since I was forced to eat out ALL THE TIME. I have been really good about making healthy meals at home, and it is so nice to have access to the kitchen for all my meals. BUT, this access to the kitchen is a double edged sword. A lot of times, I keep going in and getting snacks just because I feel munchy. When a craving for fresh baked chocolate chip cookies hit at at the office, I was out of luck. But at home, I can actually make them. Plus there isn't the public shame factor to keep me from going back for my third bowl of special K chocolate.

Does anyone else work from home? What struggles do you face?


  1. I've now been working from home for about 4 years and yes there is a HUGE adjustment because you never shut off! When I worked for someone else, I finally had to make a rule about turning off email and not doing anything work related after a certain time just like I would at the office. If I was working other hours then I made sure to take a longer lunch if I wanted to workout then!

    Understand with the BF too! Try finding a running group or something you can do without him so he gets time to decompress and you get conversation!

    1. The running group is a good idea Amanda!

  2. I can definitely relate. But not to #1. I turn my computer on and off when it's my working hours, and don't look at it beyond that.

    My husband works from home all the time and I spend more time out of the house then him so sometimes he wants to go out when I don't. We just try to compromise.

    And the food thing. Ugh. Is it at least on a different floor? Our kitchen is down stairs so that kind of helps me. Kind of.


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