Was last Tuesday the day I changed my life?

So last Tuesday I wrote a post called "Today IS the day to change your life". I decided that as I went into my 29th year, I wanted to finally change the one major thing in my life that brings me a lot of unhappiness. This is the year I will finally try to make peace with my weight and food.

My goal for last week was to limit myself to one serving of treats. That is one of my major downfalls, especially at night. After eating well all day, I dish up a small treat. I enjoy it. Then I take a second serving, and then a third, and sometimes a fourth and fifth too. I know that I don't really enjoy those third, fourth, and fifth servings as much as the fifth and I go to bed feeling sick and guilty.

chocolate cake with caramel sea salt frosting. Amazeballs.

So how did I do? Pretty well! Except for my birthday, I did stop at one serving of dessert at night. On my birthday, I allowed myself a second piece of cake. Hey, it WAS my birthday and I do love frosting more than most things on earth. Yesterday afternoon I had a little slip-up. I let myself have one of the little Ghiradelli dark chocolate sea salt with almond squares I got for my birthday after lunch. But, then I ended up going back for 4 more. BUT, I did stop myself before I ate the whole bag, and got back on track the rest of the day.

I won't lie, this was not easy for me. So, I have decided to leave this as my goal for another week until it becomes a habit. Then, I will work on changing something else.

Do you have any changes you are trying to make in your life right now? How are you doing?