Twilight 5k

I don't know why I sign up for night races. I really hate racing at night. I have to be super careful about what I eat all day and basically be hungry all afternoon if I don't want to throw-up while I am running. But somehow, the Maine Cancer Foundation got me to sign-up for the Twilight 5k.

The race is held on the same course as the Tri for the Cure Run and they had a special deal for Tri for the Cure participants. So, I figured it would be a good way to familiarize myself with the new course for this year and they promised fun and tasty after work festivities.

I got to the race just half an hour before the start, but easily parked, checked in, and used the bathroom before the start. The race shirts are really cute!

There was a really nice opening ceremony with one of the local TV stations, The Maine Cancer Foundation Director, and guest speaker who lost both his mother and father to cancer. I definitely teared up and it reminded me both why the fundraising for these events is so important and also that I am so lucky to be healthy.

The survivors went off first, followed by running men, running women, and then families and walkers. The course loops behind the SMCC campus, out and around Bug Light, and the back behind the SMCC campus. It was a perfect night for running- overcast and in the 60's. There was no wind and the ocean out by Big Light was like glass. It was really pretty, reflecting the city skyline on one side of the light, and the islands in Casco Bay on the other. I planned just to run the race for fun, and I did. I didn't wear my watch, and just ran a comfortable pace. The only thing I don't like about this course is the last 3/4 of a mile. You are on a footpath behind the college and it just keeps twisting around. You can hear the finish and feel like you must be almost done, but then you keep going and going.

Despite not really trying, I am very pleased with my time. I finished in 25:40, which is an 8:16 pace. I was 12/125 in my age group and 125/699 over all.

As soon as I finished I headed straight for the food tent. I was HUNGRY! There was free local beer, in a cool little plastic beer stein that I took home, and food donated by whole foods. I loaded up on cheese, hummus, and some sea salt chips.

I stood and watched the water while I ate, while also enjoying live music by Sly-Chi. Unfortunately, it started to drizzle and I got cold, so I didn't stick around too long to enjoy the party.

Overall this was a really well run, inspirational race. If only it wasn't at night! How about the Dawn 5K next year??