Playing Favorites

I woke up this morning to pouring rain, which was a bummer because Thursday is a running day. I briefly considered going to the gym, but I just hate the treadmills there. I hate pretty much all treadmills, except one. My Dad has a Nordic Track treadmill that I really like. That is the only place that I will ever voluntarily choose the treadmill over running outside.

I don't know what it is exactly. There are quite a few things I like. It has adjustable deck so you can choose how hard or soft the surface is. I feel like it is a lot easier on my legs. It also has built in fans, and because it is in a side room in the basement I can open the door to the outside and get a fresh breeze. So, I am not quite as much of a sweaty mess, and maybe I just don't care as much because there isn't a whole gym full of people to see me? I can also blast my own music, and hop on and off the treadmill as I like without worrying that someone else will take it. 

It is my favorite treadmill by far. But actually I guess I have all kinds of favorites. At the gym I have a favorite elliptical, a favorite spin bike, and a favorite tread climber. I get annoyed if someone is on my favorite machine. These make no sense, because really they are identical to all the others around them. I also have a favorite place to stand in step class and a different favorite place to stand for kick-boxing. I can be quite territorial about my spot. But not as much as one woman who actually makes other people move and goes and takes back "her" fan if someone moves it!

Do you play favorites? Or does it make no different to you what machine you use or where you stand?


  1. LOL! I love that you have favorites in the gym! Even though they are the same. That sounds like something I would do.

    When I would use the treadmills at work I liked them better than ours at home because the space was so open.

    So what did you do for your run this am?

    1. I ended up going to the track. I have been trying to make myself do more speed work, but I have been slacking the last few weeks. I want to take advantage now before school starts and the track isn't available anymore. Plus it is only like 10 mins from home, so if I got too tired of being wet I'd be close to home.


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