Yoga Certification

In the past couple years I have been gotten more and more into yoga. I try to make it to the studio at least once a week, and then practice on my own for at least a few minutes a day. For my body, yoga is the perfect counterpart to all my high impact activity. For my mind, yoga eases my anxiety and constant need to be in motion.

seaside yoga = my heaven

I have been thinking more and more about becoming certified as a yoga teacher. Last year I taught an informal class for a family friend's gathering and I did the same again this past week. I loved the feeling of guiding a group through a yoga class.

I went to the info session for the 200 Hour Teacher Training at my favorite local studio The Breathing Room, but ultimately didn't sign up the session which starts in September. It all came down to time. The schedule is 12 Saturdays, 10 Sundays, one Thursday, and five Fridays over a six-month period. I realized that I already had conflicts for 4 of the weekends.

The thing is that I don't think there will ever be an easy time to do this. I will always have to have my full time "real job and" I will likely have to start travelling more again for work too. For the next few years I will also be marathon training and trying to accomplish my 7 continent goal. After that, it's pretty likely I'll be thinking about having kids.

So I started looking at alternatives and found that the American Fitness Professionals and Associates also offers a yoga certification that is done through distance learning. They offer a Yoga Instructor Certification Level 1.

Has anyone heard of this? Is it reputable? It is a quality program?

I really want to get certified. I don't know that I will ever teach regularly, but thats okay. I am willing to do it just to take my own practice to the next level. However, I want to do it right.

Advice please!!