Savoring Summer

I love all the seasons but there is something about summer that makes my heart extra happy. Summer is pretty short here in Maine, so I have been making an extra effort this week to get in as many summer activities as possible.

Tuesday night we went to a Sea Dog's game. The Sea Dog's are our local minor league baseball team and the games are always a lot of fun. This game was extra fun because the BF and I were selected to play one of the on-field games between innings. Our game was the lobster catch. There were 4 guys dressed up in four weather gear hurling plastic lobsters at us. We had to catch 5 lobsters in the lobster pot we were holding.

We failed miserably. It was so much harder than it sounded. We only got 2 lobsters. Wah Wah. So the only prize I got was a giant bruise on my knee where I whacked myself with the lobster trap. Looking at the pics, I can also see that my pronation problems are not limited to running. Look at my foot!

I have also been making an effort to get to the beach as much as possible. I am working at home still, but my schedule is much stricter. Still, I have no excuse. The beach is 5 minutes away. So days I am on the late shift, I try to go at lunch, and days I am on the early shift I go right after work before dinner. The water is only hovering around 60 degrees, so I haven't exactly been swimming for an hour, but I do at least make myself stand up to my waist for 15 minutes. The Maine ocean is like a giant ice bath!

warning: objects may be colder than they appear
Then, last night I finally got to do an activity I have been wanting to do all summer- full moon yoga outside on the beach. The class is offered by Beach Bliss Yoga and it was amazing. It was a perfect evening- not too cold, with a gentle breeze, and a huge orange moon hovering over the ocean.

Photo: FULL MOON YOGA TONIGHT! 8 PM at Higgins Beach.  Join us for a soulful and fun flow.  $10 cash we will be off to the left of the second entrance - look for Tiki torches!  See you yogis tonight!

It was a big group- about 35 people and we were way at the back, so I did sometimes have a hard time hearing the teacher. Plus the lumpy sand provided a real balance challenge. But it was just what my achy body and stressed out mind needed. The sound of the waves, the breeze on my face, and the sight of the moon made all my troubles float right away. 

What activities are you fitting in before the end of summer?