Trapeze Class

This weekend I headed to NH to use my birthday present from my Dad and Step-Mom, a trapeze class! I was so excited. I think I was a bird in a former life, because I love anything that feels like flying.

My little sis and I were at Fearless Flyers bright and early Saturday morning. It is just down the road from my Dad's house, way out in the country of New Hampshire. It felt strange to drive down this quiet country road, turn into a driveway, and see this.

Our class was taught my the owner, his wife, and brother. They got us into harness belts (holy tightness) and went over technique right away. We practiced the bar grab, the lean, the job take-off, and the knee hang down on the ground.

And then I was up. Somehow I ended up going first (actually I was totally that person that was jumping up and down volunteering.) The ladder was the worst part for me, it was a long climb up and it was wiggly.

I took my stance at the end of the platform, with my legs wide and my toes hanging off. Even though I was clipped in, and the instructor had the back of the belt, it was still a little scary! 

He said "ready" and a I bent my knees, and then "GO" and I jumped off. 

Once I was in the air, it was amazing! The instructor was shouting out instructions so I was so busy listening to his cues that there was no time to be scared. I got my knees up on the bar easily- it was actually easier in the air than on the ground because of the momentum!

 And then I was dropping into the net and my first turn was over! I think Maddy was even more scared than I was, but she did awesome! With each turn we added a little more difficulty. Our second turn we learned to do a back flip off, and then subsequent turns we practiced preparing for the catch.

Our last turn we got to try a catch. The instructor hung from the second swing and at the height of the knee hang we were supposed to grab onto him, let go of the bar with our knees, and hang from his arms! The scary part is that all of that had to happen in just a couple seconds. The instruction was so good that it just seemed to happen naturally. Maddy and I both nailed it!

This was such a fun class. The instructors were amazing and all the other class members were so supportive. I can't believe how much we learned in just a couple hours. I can't wait to go back!


  1. This is the exact same thing they had us do when I tried trapeze, only, I did it indoors. When are you going back? :)

    1. I would have said as soon as possible right after the class, but on Sunday I realized that I had dislocated my shoulder. I made it worse by lifting Monday morning. Today is the first day that I can move my arm or lie down without it hurting. Boo hoo. It makes me feel old. I don't want to be that person that always gets hurt when she tries something new!


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