Sometimes I just want someone (nicely) tell me what to do

I went to a yoga class at the studio for the first time in more than month last night. Between Japan and then travelling for my new job, I just hadn't been able to get to a class, although I did do at least 15 minutes of yoga a day on my own.

It was one of those things where I didn't know how much I needed it until I got there. A yoga class in a yoga studio is an entirely different thing than doing some sun salutations on my own in my living room.

I realized that sometimes I just need someone else to tell me what to do. For me, that's what makes it worth paying for a yoga class. It is one of the few times in my over-planned, over-analyzed life that I can just turn my brain off and go with the flow.

I am almost done with my yoga teacher training. I know the poses. I know how to put a class together. But taking myself through a sequence is just not the same as letting someone else lead me.

Earlier in the day, I'd read a blog from this amazing Maine woman who does Ironman Triathalons and she was talking about how she had started the year trying to coach herself and then finally realized that she needed to hire a coach. It wasn't that she didn't have the knowledge to coach herself, it was that she didn't have the objectivity. Bingo.

I need that outside voice to make me push a little harder some days or to reassure me that it is okay to take it easy on others.

Sometimes we all need just need someone else to tell us what to do.

Do have times where you allow someone else to be in charge?


  1. I think the yoga class is a perfect example of when you need that opinion, or, a strength class. And a coach, too! I really struggle with other people telling me what to do (when I haven't asked) but I like it when friends check in on my well-being, in regard to training, and I have a few friends I do that with :)

    1. Generally I am very self directed and like to be the bossy in charge one, but it is liberating to learn to let go sometimes and trust someone else.


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