What's Next?

I purposely didn't plan any races for after the Tokyo Marathon. I know that usually I need some downtime after a marathon to recover. Plus I'd know I'd have a lot of other things going on in my life- like a new client at work and planning a wedding.

This giant stack of invitations for example, all need to be assembled (why on earth did I pick invitations that involve ribbon which needs to be tied into a pretty knot??) and addressed.

And yet, just 3 weeks after the marathon I am feeling like I need some races on my schedule. I've done longish runs 2 Sundays in a row that just felt effortless. Plus, I think in the absence of a race to train for, that I am going a little crazy. For example I decided that now would be a good time to pick up basket weaving.

My cousin helped me start this and now it has turned into a giant mess that is frustrating me. 

The next, and only race, I have on my calendar is the Tri for the Cure in July. While I do need to start fundraising for that now (wouldn't you love to pledge me???? Visit my Fundraising Page Here!!) 
it is too early to start training.

Since I have the distance training under my belt, I am thinking a spring half would be perfect. Anyone know of any good New England races in the next couple months??

I'd also like to do a few shorter races just to work on my speed and for something different.

I've also been toying with the idea of jumping up to an Olympic or Half-Iron distance Tri. I've really loved doing triathlons the past couple years and think I am ready. On the other hand, I don't know if this is the year. In Maine most of them tend to be later in the season, so they will conflict with the wedding. Plus, now that I am travelling again for work I'm not sure how much swim training I'll be able to do. 

What are your racing the plans for the spring?


  1. I'm doing Tri for A Cure too! I'm on a relay team. :) Races this spring - I have Ragnar Cape Cod in May. Then this summer I have the Rail Trail 1/2, LL Bean 10K, Tri for A Cure, and B2B 10K.

    1. Tri for a Cure is an amazing race! Maybe I'll look at the Rail Trail 1/2


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