That time I realized I was totally wrong about Zumba

This morning I accidentally found myself in a Zumba class I usually take a step class on Friday morning, but it was cancelled this week because the instructor was sick. As soon as I heard it was Zumba instead, I was tempted to head for the door.

I have always purposely avoided Zumba classes because in my mind they were kind of silly and not a real work-out. I just didn't think I was a Zumba person.

But, I was already in the room and I really wasn't in the mood to head out to the cardio area of the gym and hit up the treadmill instead (because I did that yesterday.) So Zumba it was.

Oh my gosh I had a total blast and I was a sweaty mess by the end. It brought out the old gymnast in me- I loved the choreography and getting to add a flair to all my movements. The class absolutely flew by. The energy in the room was totally contagious, everyone was laughing and whooping.

I will now publicly admit that I was wrong and Zumba is both fun and a good exercise.

Have you ever tried Zumba? What did you think? Have you ever been totally and pleasantly surprised by something?


  1. Aww, that is so awesome you loved it! Will you be back?

    I tried it once! I thought it was a good workout. I was surprised you just follow the moves and don't learn a routine.


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