I want to like you, but.....

Have you ever really wanted to like something, but there is just something that keeps you from really loving it?

I've been feeling that way this week about 2 different running products. Like my CW-X tights. I love how they look and I feel like the compression really does help my legs not get as fatigued on long runs. BUT, my second pair in 3 years now has completely split open along the seam on the inner thigh.

Granted, there is no thigh gap on this girl, so that seam is subject to a lot of friction. BUT, they are running tights! CW-X out to expect that, and make the seams extra durable. I've been continuing to wear them by wearing a pair of compression shorts on top of the tights to cover up the hole. But, then I spend half my run pulling the shorts back down because they have slid up. Super annoying.

Because I like how the tights feel so much, I am tempted to go get a new pair. I just can't bring myself to do it though. CW-X stuff is super pricey so it ought to last longer than a year! My $10 Old Navy tights have held up for 5 years!

I also need a new pair of sneakers. I actually have a new pair of New Balance waiting in my closet, but I am just not excited to open them up and start using them. 

I love the idea of New Balance. I like that they still manufacture in the US (right here in Maine in fact!) and I have been very impressed with their customer service. So my brain likes them, but my feet do not. They just don't feel right. 

At the Tokyo Expo I actually got try several pairs of their new shoes with the fresh foam. I loved how they looked, but again I just didn't feel like they fit my feet correctly. 

Do you have things that you feel like you should like a lot but just don't? Or a product that you do love but you've been disappointed by the quality or customer service?


  1. Dang! That stinks that your tights split, more than once! Are they good about replacing them?

    Ha. Some of the blogs I read make me think I should like a lot of things that I don't - nuun, energy bars, and all that crap. LOL.

    1. They replaced them the first time, but I am afraid to make a second complaint. And I agree that Nuun is nasto.

    2. I think you should! It shouldn't have happened twice! Those things are $$$!!!!

  2. Oh man that sucks. I agree with Kilax - I've tried Nuun and it really makes my tummy unhappy. Also compression socks for running. I can't do it. I wear them for recovery, but running? They make my legs feel like bricks.

    1. This year for the first time I started doing all my marathon training in compression socks and thought it really helped! Once again shows how different we all are!

  3. I find that I don't like a lot of running bloggers "favorite things". I don't care for Nuun, I don't like Quest Bars, I don't "healthy-ify" desserts, and I find Gu/gels to be horrible (I don't run marathons anymore so I don't have to worry about intra-run fueling, thank goodness!). But... that sucks that your pants split! I would definitely let the company know, I do agree sometimes the cheaper stuff lasts just as long and is a better deal though.

    I've never been a fan of New Balance shoes (Mizuno girl), but def. get fitted and wear what feels good. If you're gonna run for an extended amount of time, the shoes definitely need to be the right ones for you and not uncomfortable!


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