Why I'm Not Running the Boston Marathon

I struggled with whether or not to write a post about this. I was more tempted to just never write anything else about me running Boston this year and hope that you all forgot that I had that possibility. But, I feel like I owe you more honesty and transparency than that. Plus in a time where it seems like there is a constant to push to do more, I think that sometimes we all need a reminder that sometimes it is okay to do what is right for you.

Simply put, I am not physically, mentally, or socially ready to run Boston.

Physically, my body hurts lately. After the initial blissful month after Tokyo, where I felt like I was running on air, I've crashed hard. Everything seems to hurt and running is hard.

Mentally, that drive to push myself is just not there right now. If I was running Boston, I would have needed to get in a 16-20 mile run on Sunday. It was sleeting and windy and nasty out. All winter I ran for hours and hours in terrible weather. I'm done with that. I enjoyed a nice dry spin class instead. I just don't have the desire to run long by myself right now.

Socially, I am ready to have a life again. I have a wedding to plan. I have friends I've neglected. I want to be able to stay awake past 9 pm on a Saturday night.

The only marathon I'll be doing this spring, is marathon wedding invitation assembly and adressing
When and if I run Boston, I want to do it as a celebration. I want to run as myself (not with someone else's bib). I want to be properly trained and totally excited for the race.

So I'll be there, but on the sidelines, cheering at the top of my lungs. I'm sure a part of me will regret my decision once I'm there and see all the race excitement, but I truly feel like this is right for me right now.