Boston Marathon 2014

Yesterday morning I headed to Boston bright and early for the marathon. I am so lucky to live an easy 2 hour drive away! Even though I decided not to run, I felt like I needed to be there to support the runners, the city of Boston, and to prove that random acts of violence and hatred will not win.

I watched the race from the 10 mile mark in Natick. I decided to watch from that point because I used to live there so I know the easiest places to park and the best places to watch the race. Plus, I avoided the fray in the city and it was easy for me to hop on the highway after and head down to CT, where I am working this week.

I got there about 5 minutes before the elite women went by. As the first pack of women approached, a band behind me started playing God Bless America and I teared up for the first time (of many). I was so busy trying not to cry and cheering my brains out because Shalane was leading the women's pack, that I totally forgot to take any pictures!

After the elite women, I saw Juli Windsor, who was featured in Runner's World. Last year she was aiming to be the first little person to finish a marathon, but was stopped before the finish.

Before long, we saw the lead cars alerting us that the elite men were coming.

Meb was so incredibly close to me that I nearly passed out! I was just inches away from the winner! Maybe I was close enough that some of his greatness will rub off on me and make me faster?

Then the rest of the men's pack in close pursuit. 

After the elite men, the the roads started to get more and more crowded as the regular runners came through. What I love about Boston is that the crowd cheers just as loudly for the non-elite runners. 

There were some people who got extra support, because what they are doing is truly incredible. I definitely teared up again when I saw the Hoyts go by.

And yet again, when I saw this guy go by on crutches. I can't even imagine doing a marathon on crutches and one leg. These are the true heroes.

The next few hours were a blur of trying to pick out my friends in the masses of runners while my sister kept track of the race on her phone and kept up updated. Shalane was still leading, Shalane had fallen back. Meb was still leading, the pack was closing on Meb and he looked tired, Meb was keeping his lead, Meb won!

I am having a hard time easily summing up and putting into words what it was like to be a part of the 2014 Boston Marathon. It was an incredibly powerful, inspiring day where people truly came together to prove that determination, cooperation, and spirit can triumph. 

What inspired you the most yesterday?


  1. Awesome pics and great location!!!! I was at mile 25 and then walked to our meeting spot after my husband finished. I loved seeing all of the elites, Julie, and scanning for our friends too! So much fun!

  2. I bet Meb DID rub off on you! I am so happy he won! Sad Shalane got dropped, but man, she still PR'd! And so cool you got to see Juli! Do you know if the man featured in that article with her ran again this year?

    1. Yes he was running too, but they weren't together. We saw him quite a bit later.


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