Yoga Tuesday: Transitions

I'm nearing the end of my yoga teacher training and working on the lesson plan for my practicum. I had no problem coming up with my list of poses, or asanas, but I am struggling with the transitions. If one pose ends on the floor and the next starts standing, how do I get my students naturally and easily from the floor to standing?

As a yogi I struggle with transitions in my own practice. I am a type A goal oriented person and I focus more on the result than the process. Plank, updog, downdog..... bam, bam, bam. Yes, it looks like a sun salutation, but it feels jerky and disjointed. Even though I claim to do yoga for myself as a way to be good to my body and soul, I still clearly can't let go of my competitive nature.

click nowIn focusing on how my yoga classes will feel from the perspective of my students, I am realizing that by ignoring the transitions, I am cheating myself out of a better experience. Yoga is easier and so much more pleasant when it flows naturally.

Like it always does, I'm finding that what I'm noticing in my yoga practice at the moment reflects what is going on in my life in general. I am nearing the end of one contract at work, but I don't have anything lined up to start next. I'm in the dark area of my transition where I don't know what is next. My natural instinct is to be scared and to worry compulsively. But, I am really trying not to do that. Instead I am trying to enjoy this process of change. If I have some downtime, I'll take advantage and enjoy it. Instead of fearing what could be next, I'm trying to be excited about new challenges and new opportunities.

I am trying to embrace the transition.

How do you handle change? Do you try to embrace it? Or avoid it?