What's New With Me This Spring

Spring has finally sprung here in Maine!  The longer, warmer days have me filled with energy and ready for new challenges.

1. I'm back on the trails (well some of them). My trails have finally emerged from beneath the snow. Some of them are still too wet and muddy for running, but the Green Belt is perfect. This morning I did my first run on the wooded section heading to Wainwright fields. It's so nice to get off the roads!

Workout_trainer_ipad_exercise_wide_12. I'm travelling again for work. After working entirely at home for more than a year, I am once again travelling. It is always a challenge to find enjoyable ways to get my workouts in when I am on the road. I can only do so many treadmill runs and elliptical sessions in the hotel gym. I recently downloaded the Workout Trainer by Skimble onto my i-pad and I love it! You can filter your workouts by time, intensity, and equipment available and even create your own from scratch. The app is free and I've really been impressed with it.

3. I'm back in love with cooking. There is nothing like being forced to eat out all the time while I'm travelling, to make me appreciate having a fully stocked kitchen at home. I've been tearing out recipes from magazines left and right. Last week I even made cheese to put on a pizza! It was actually really simple and tasted absolutely amazing! Let me know if you'd like me to do a post with the recipe.

My pizza with homemade herbed ricotta!
Cooking healthy meals with the boy has turned into an activity we both really enjoy. We are both trying to get in shape and save money for the wedding, so cooking at home is the way to go!

No more Chinese take-out- we make our own orange chicken in the crockpot instead!
 What is new with you these days?