Juice Til Dinner Reflections

Provided I don't go crazy and totally blow it today, I'll have made it through a week of Juice til Dinner.

I consider it a success because I drank my 4 juices a day, and stuck to my rules of
-Greatly reduce caffeine
-No sugar
-No gluten
-No dairy (except Greek yogurt)
-No meat

I did end up eating a little more food than I wanted, but I think that was because I kept up my high activity level. It was important to me to be able to continue my regular high intensity workouts through the week, so I was willing to eat more solid food than the program typically calls for. When I ate, it was generally because I was feeling dizzy and woozy, so I felt like I really needed the food. I found this schedule worked well for me: 

1/4 cup quinoa with 1/4 cup almond milk for breakfast before working out
juice 1 post workout
juice 2 11 am
miso broth with a very small amount of tofu and juice 3 at 1pm
juice 4 (and a brown rice cake with hummus if needed) at 3 pm
Dinner at 5:30 pm
Small bowl of greek yogurt with 1/4 cup toasted oats and 2 tablespoons nuts at 7 pm

My energy levels were all over the place. Wednesday I felt amazing all day and hardly even wanted dinner. Thursday afternoon I felt terrible and just wanted to sleep. But, I was overall amazed at the fact that I rarely felt hungry. 

Mostly, I feel like this was a great mental exercise. It made me very conscious of how often I want to eat for reasons other than hunger. I hope to keep using the strategies I used this week, like going for a short walk or having a cup of tea, when I want a snack. It also reminded me that I really don't need the big portions I think I do. Most importantly, it helped break my sugar habit. Yesterday I went into the grocery store and I walked right by the bakery and the ice cream section without stopping to drool. 

I know this weekend is Easter, but I am going to try very hard not to drop back into my old habits. I may also try to continue avoiding sugar, gluten, and most dairy during the week (but with solid food) because it forces me to consumer a lot more fruit, veggies, and high quality whole grains.