Fees, Fees, Fees

I've gone to sign up for the Tri for the Y a few times, but every time I stop at the payment page. I just can't bring myself to pay that darn service fee.

I really like this race. It is a great early season triathalon- close to home, pool swim, well organized, and fun. While the registration is a little expensive, I don't mind because I think the Y is a good cause. It lets so many people who wouldn't be able to afford a regular gym have access to facilities where they can be active (which is especially critical during the long Maine winters). I've seen first hand how it creates a sense of community and provides a place for people to be active, engaged, and productive.

I don't like, but I understand, the USAT fee. Basically every tri includes this because being associated with USAT helps provide insurance for the event.

What gets me is the fee just to use the website to sign up. $9! There is no way it costs the site even close to $9 to process my registration. They are just ripping me, and the Y, off!

How much will you pay for race? Does it matter what the cause is? What is the highest service fee you've had to pay?


  1. I just had to pay a day pass USAT fee. Have you considered getting the year pass so you don't have to pay it?

    Ugh, then $9 on that? Yuck! I can;t remember the highest I've paid for a service fee.

    I have costs in mind for what I want to pay based on distance of the race and amenities. But sometimes I will pay more for a special event - like NYCM.


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