it looks so innocent
I made a wonderful discovery over the holidays. Bananas make a great pre-run food! I know, everyone else in the world already knew this, but I have been afraid of bananas since college.

Back in the days before GPS, my running clubs friends and I got terribly lost trying to get to the Heartbreak Hill Halloween race. We finally found it as the gun was going off. As I was jumping out of the car I remembered that I hadn't ever eaten my breakfast. For some reason, I thought shoving a banana in my mouth as I ran towards the start was a better idea than not eating.

I regretted that stupid banana for the entire race and finally "emptied" my stomach of it halfway up Heartbreak Hill.

Ever since then, I've stayed away from bananas before running. In fact, I usually don't eat anything before most of my runs. This is mostly because I want to sleep as late as possible. I am up and out the door in less than 10  minutes.

But I really noticed this week, that when I have time to have a cup and coffee and something to eat before heading out, I feel so much better during my run. Energy! I even tried a banana pre-run and I was fine! I didn't feel sick at all and I felt better than I do when I don't eat anything.

yeah bananas!

The question is though, is it worth getting up 20 minutes earlier to eat before I run?

Do you eat before you run? Does it depend on the length of the run? If you do eat, what do you have?


  1. I always try and eat a banana 30 min prior to my training runs of more than 10 miles. For anything more than about 14 miles i try and eat a bagel at least 60-75 min before and a banana.


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