Sorry, that things have been a little quite around here lately. It's been an interesting fall. In September I lost my job and I've spent the fall both job hunting, working temporary part-time jobs, and doing some serious soul searching about what I want from my life.

While I didn't hate my career, I didn't love it either. Mostly, I was tired of sitting in front of a computer ALL the time. I'm an active person and I like personal interaction. I want to be up and moving and interacting with people face to face. I've always wanted a job that I feel passionately about.

At the same time, I was scared to start over. It's a hard thing to give up a career that pays well and that you've invested a decade in. Sometimes I think life knows when you need a little push and gives it to you. Being laid off was the push I needed.

In September I applied to nursing school. This fall I took Anatomy & Physiology (a prerequisite for the program) and waited to hear back. Then, right before Thanksgiving I got this.

I've spent the past couple weeks soaking it all in and thinking about how I am going to make this dream a reality.

Kiersten Pfeifer RN, coming in 2016.


  1. How exciting! Congrats on the new program!!!!


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