My Favorite Holiday Traditions

I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away! This month is flying by, but I've still managed to get in a lot of my favorite holiday traditions.

Here is what I've knocked off the list so far:

1. Getting our tree and decorating the house. I love hunting for the perfect tree and then pulling out all of our decorations. It is like a wonderful walk down memory lane each year as we unwrap all our ornaments and decorations.

2. Holiday Crafting! My inner crafter really comes out this time of year. This year I made an ornament for Sushi's (the dog, not the food) first Christmas. Painting is not my strength, but I really think I captured her underbite and scruffy face,

but apparently I can't take a focused picture

3. A mini-gift exchange with my husband. I got this idea from the 25 Days of Together that Tina at Carrots N Cake does each year with her husband. Basically we go to a store together and we have $10 and 10 minutes to get each other a gift. The price and time limit is a fun challenge and it is always interesting to see what we think the other person needs/wants. 

4. Making Holiday Treats! This is one of my favorite things to do- especially when I can do it with family and friends while listening to Christmas music! Yesterday I had a bunch of friends and family over for a holiday baking palooza. We each brought the ingredients to make a couple things and we spent the afternoon baking, singing, talking, drinking Prosecco, and eating a ton of sugar.

There are still a couple things on my list that I am still looking forward to:

1. Christmas Eve service at Church. I  always try to make it to the Christmas Eve service at my Mom's Church on the island. It is always so beautifully decorated inside and we end with singing Silent Night by candle light. 

2. My Christmas Morning Run. I love starting Christmas with a solitary run. It is a time to clear my head, reflect on everything I am thankful for, and work up an appetite for Christmas treats. It doesn't hurt that I get to run in such a beautiful place.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?


  1. Aww, I miss putting up a tree (we don't on years we won't be here)! It's so fun! And I usually do a Christmas morning run, too, before all the hustle and bustle :) It's nice to start the day out quiet! :)


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