New Zealand Training Weeks 4-6

I can't believe it is already time for my second training update. Time is flying! In general that is, when I am actually running time doesn't seem to move very quickly.

Here is what I have been up to the past few weeks:

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Run
4 Run 6 Swim 1 hr Metabolic 1 hr Run 6 Race Step 1 hr, strength Metabolic 45m XT 30m Run 7 + 6 25.1
5 Run 6 XT 1 hr Run 4.3, XT 20m Metabolic 1hr Run 3, Step 45m Metabolic 45m XT 30m Run 6.11 19.3
6 Kickboxing 1 hr, Strength Run 5.4 Run 3.3 XT 30m Run 13 Step 45m, Strength Metabolic 45m Run 2.2 Metabolic 45, Run 3.2 27

  • Week 5 was a cut-back week, which is why my running mileage is so low. My plan didn't have any built in, but I know that I need (both mentally and physically) a week with no long run once a month.
  • The weather has not cooperated. We have had so much snow and ice that it hasn't been safe to run outside quite a few times. This is a bummer because a) it means I have to get up 40 minutes earlier to get to the gym and back and b) the treadmill sucks. Also, I've already lost a lot of my favorite routes for the winter because they aren't plowed.
  • I am still struggling with my new job. I have to be there really early and I am on my feet all day. I either have to get up at 4 to run before work (when it is really dark, cold, and slippery) or wait and run after when my feet and legs are already tired.


  1. GIRL! Where are your rest days?! LOL. I know, I know, you hate them :)

    Sorry your weather is taking away your routes and making you stick to the treadmill. Sigh. Tis that time of year :(

    I really take joy in this silent, solitude runs early early in the dark. Without the slippery ;) Do you not like running in the dark? Is it not very safe around you?

  2. I know, I know!! I don't mind running in the dark when the roads are clear, but when it is slippery it isn't so fun. There aren't many street lights and my head lamp isn't awesome.

    1. Get a Black Diamond! They are super bright! :D

    2. I will look at them. I have a kid's one (I liked it because it was little and light and had a fun design on the strap) from LL Bean


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