I'm Alive

Sorry it's been quiet in here this week. I've been totally wrapped up with my first official week of nursing school.

scrub selfie
It was a whirlwind week. It was nice to start to get to know the other students that I'll be spending the next 15 months with. This is a program for people who already have a degree in another subject and have worked in non medical fields, so it is a really diverse and interesting group. I got a lot more details about what the next year and a half of my life will be like. Because this is an accelerated program, there was no nice easy introductory first week. We jumped right into lectures, reading, quizzes, and labs. And labs mean scrubs! So official.

I've also had to readjust to getting up early. Back to sunrise runs. At least it will help me beat the heat.

Speaking of heat, I've been so wrapped up in school that I completely forgot that I am going to Morocco next week. My husband asked me yesterday if I was starting to get excited for next week and I was like "What's next week?"

OMG I'm leaving next week! I'm going to Morocco. I'm running a marathon. I'm finishing my 7 continents. In 6 days.

Honestly it doesn't feel real. With all my other continents I planned the trip months and months in advance. I did a full training cycle. I spent tons of time researching the destination and the race. There was no time for that this time. I'm just going to get on a plane, study my butt off on the trip, and then get there a find a place to run 26.2 miles. For a planner, this is quite a jump for me. It will all work out, right?