Morocco Training: Week 3

The thing about a 6 week training cycle is that by week 3 I am already in my peak week! Here is what my training looked like this week:

Week Of
Long Run
Weekly Total
Again, I'm right where I planned to be, but it was a bit of a struggle this week. 

The bright spot in my week was my track workout on Tuesday. I did 6 x 800, and an 8 min/mile pace felt nice and easy.

I did my long run on the Eastern Trail on Thursday, hoping the dirt would be easier on my tired body. It was beautiful, and I loved being off road, but my legs were completely done by the end of the run. My hips were aching and I was really working just to keep moving forward. 

My long run didn't do much to inspire confidence that I can run a marathon in 3 weeks. But, I am going to resist the urge to try to cram in more training. It might built mental confidence, but it will just break me physically. 

I've really been trying to be good to my body. I've been taking a rest day (which for me is major), going to yoga, went to the chiropractor, and have been foam rolling and using my massage balls. Sushi thinks the massage balls are a toy and gets all up in my shiz. This makes me laugh so hard I can't keep going. 

that underbite

So now I begin my taper. I'm not feeling super confident, and I doubt this will be a PR or anything close, but that's okay. I just have to finish 26.2 miles.


  1. I am so happy to hear you are taking a rest day and taking care of you! And why even go for a PR on a non-official race anyway? Take your time! :)

  2. My experience from running a PB at Tokyo in Feb, then running Paris in April is that I was definitely not in PB form for the second race. I think the key is to stay focused on running a good race and not get too caught up in breaking a PB time. I think I wanted to match my PB and might have gone too fast too soon.


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