It's Getting Real

Today I am taking my last final of my first semester of nursing school. And Monday I start my new semester! No rest for the weary.

This summer is when I get to start doing "real nurse stuff." It is also when I get to start wearing scrubs. Yeah! I think maybe I subconsciously chose to go back to school to be a nurse just so I could wear scrubs.

I might have bought Gray's Anatomy brand scrubs. But only because they were by far the most comfortable and flattering. I swear that is the only reason!
This is not me. This is a model. 

It was when I went to buy my scrubs and looked at myself in the mirror in my scrubs and white coat that it felt real. I am going to be a nurse!

Anyway, I am really excited to start labs and practical hands on stuff. I am also nervous about it though, because I always tend to doubt myself. I just keep trying to remind myself though that I can do it. I was so scared going into this first semester because I felt like I was at such a disadvantage because I had no background in anything science related. I studied my butt off, but I aced all of my classes. Unless I completely bomb my finals, I'll end up with a 98+ in all my classes. I can do this.

I can't wait for my scrubs to come back from the tailor (I had to have them hemmed my patches sewn on) so I can wear them around the house to get into the nursing mood!


  1. I miss wearing scrubs, believe it or not. When I was a staff nurse, I couldn't wait for the day I could wear real clothes to work. Now, as an NP, I get to wear real clothes, and I miss scrubs. LOL!


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