As I logged my long run today, I realized that I ran 125 miles this month. Anything near or over 100 is high for me.

With the new Runner's World dashboard, my month miles aren't as apparent, so I've stopped noticing them as much. But, given April's mileage, I was curious to see my previous months. In March I ran 101, in February 111, and in January I ran 127.

Holy smokes- I've run 100+ miles every single month this year! An unintentional streak.

I feel both strong and exhausted.

I've been hitting really fast paces on the track and loving it. I was able to jump right into training for a marathon in Morocco.

But at the same time, the cumulative fatigue is hitting me. My legs felt so heavy on my long run today. My IT band, hip flexors, and hamstrings are tighter than they've ever felt.

Even though it wasn't intentional, I am really going to hate to end this streak. I know my body though, and it can't handle a year straight of 100+ miles. Will May be the month it ends?

Do you aim for a specific monthly mileage?
Do you track your miles all month and make yourself run a certain distance the last day of the month to meet you goal?
What is your highest ever monthly mileage?


  1. Nice work on the repeat 100+ months! That's too bad you are feeling so tight from it, though :( I hope you get some rest after Morocco!

    I don't aim for specific mileage, but I did want to see if I could hit 2000 miles this year! I do track but don't push at the end of the month to meet a goal. My highest ever was 250.2.


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