The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I've noticed lately that quite frequently I find myself feeling jealous when I read other people's blogs. Well maybe jealous isn't the right word. It is more that I feel like my own life isn't as good in comparison. "Wow, she runs so fast. She is so skinny. She has the most exciting life." But of course, what we see in a blog is only a snippet of a person's life, and usually it is the best moments. We see the best, but we don't usually see the ugly.

Just you don't get any illusions that I am perfect, here are some of the not so perfect aspects on my life.

Good thing she is so cute. Because she's a shedding machine.
1. I am constantly covered in dog hair. We have 2 dogs and, despite the fact that I vacuum regularly, I always have dog hair all over my pants. Not just a few hairs, but enough to be gross. It may have something to do with the fact that I spend a fair amount of time rolling around on the floor on the foam roller. It isn't unusual to find me frantically trying to remove dog hair with tape before I leave the house.

2. I have a chronically runny nose. This is likely related to #1, as I am allergic dogs, and surely being covered in an allergen constantly can't be good. This means I am a snot rocket machine when I run. I usually run alone so I try to time it when there isn't a car nearby. In races, I just try not to hit the person behind me. Doesn't think make you want to run with me? This congestion also backs up and causes problems with my ears. So I can't hear and talk really loudly.

3. I have zero self control when it comes to ice cream (and frosting). I don't know why I continue to delude myself that I can eat a single reasonable portion of ice cream at home. I eat my first bowl, then back for seconds, and then sometimes thirds. I have this theory that I have a whole second stomach for ice cream and it never gets full.

I probably could eat this ice cream monstrosity for Rory's birthday by myself

Do you like it when bloggers include the more negative aspects of their lives? Or do you just want the highlights? If you blog, do you make an effort to provide a realistic picture of your life?