So this happened.....

I am going to Morocco in May. I am going to finish my 7 continents THIS year!!

As I wrote last week, I was so undecided on when to do my last continent. I felt great physically after New Zealand and didn't have my usual post-marathon mental burn-out on running. Plus, I am going to be really busy with my nursing program for the next 15 months and then starting a new job. This may be my only chance for awhile.

On the other hand, I'm back in school and money is really tight. Could I justify spending money on a trip?

Yet, whenever I had a few minutes I kept finding myself on travel sites looking at options. I put out a tentative "Does anyone want to go to Africa for a long weekend with me" post on Facebook.

Let me just say what wonderful friends and family I have. SO many people expressed interest because they want to help me finally accomplish this crazy goal.

My friend Cheri and I booked our flights and we are going to Morocco for Memorial Day weekend! I'll find a way to pay for it somehow. Accompanying me to Africa goes above and beyond the normal duties of friendship for sure!

I'll be running my own marathon, most likely on Saturday the 23rd.

It doesn't seem real yet. I am finally going to finish this thing.

I guess I've got some training to do between now and then!


  1. Yay! That is so fantastic! I love that your friend is up for it! So you cover 26.2 on your own while you're there, not an "official" race (for lack of better word)?

    1. Exactly. I will just run for 26.2 miles, but not in an offical race.


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