Morocco Training Week 1

The first week of training is done and I was right on target! Here are the numbers:

Week Of
Long Run
Weekly Total

Comments and Thoughts:

  • My long run felt TERRIBLE. My allergies were bad, I was getting my husband's cold, it was that time of the month, and my legs felt like lead. It was a struggle fest. I just kept reminding myself to appreciate the weather and the clear roads. After doing all my long runs for New Zealand in the extreme cold and snow/ice, I knew I should feel lucky to have "perfect" running conditions. 
  • It is amazing how once you are training for something specific your runs have so much more weight and meaning. Before I officially committed to Africa, I had a rough mileage goal for each run and for the week. I didn't read too much into my pace or how I felt. But now, I feel so much more obligation to get each run in and worry too much about how I felt and how fast I went. After my crappy long run I was all worried and thinking maybe I am not recovered enough, maybe I can't run 2 marathons just 2 months apart. 
  • The track is back! The snow is finally melted and the track is open! I did a speed session on Saturday and really enjoyed it. So I am adding a weekly speed session at the track to my plan. It is good for my body and my mind to mix up the pace and do something different.
So now onto week 2! With just a 6 week training plan I am already 1/6 of the way there!

How is your training going? What is your next race?


  1. Scratchy throat right now. But I had an awesome run this morning, so I guess it isn't affecting me too much!


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