How to Train for A Marathon in 6 Weeks

finishing a marathon just last month
I just committed to running a marathon in 6 weeks. Yikes!

Now, I would certainly not recommend trying to start from scratch and run a marathon in 6 weeks. The only way I can do this safely is because I just ran a marathon a month ago and already have a solid 4 months of marathon training under my belt.

I just need to top-off my fitness and endurance before the race.

Here's my plan

Week Of
Long Run
Weekly Total

I intentionally made it pretty loose. My biggest goal is to get to my next marathon healthy. This is the first time I am going to attempt 2 marathons in a year, much less in 3 months! So I want to do enough training to get me through 26.2 miles, but not so much that I risk injury. 

I set a range for both my long runs and weekly mileage. If I'm feeling strong I'll run on the higher end, but if I not, I have some built in room to back-off. I also included one of the split long runs that I used in my training cycle for New Zealand. This helps to build endurance, but puts a little less stress in your body. 

I am greatly looking forward to running these training miles in the spring weather, instead of in the extreme cold and snow! Hopefully, this will be right balance to get me through my final continent feeling strong. 

Have you ever run 2 marathons fairly close together? What was your training strategy?


  1. Haha! This fits perfectly with a post I published today on spontaneity! Sometimes it just happens that way...Good luck!

  2. I ran Tokyo in February and then just ran Paris last weekend. It was about a 6 week turnaround. I took two weeks off after Tokyo and then mapped out what my normal training plan would have been working backwards from the Paris date. The training plan worked well and my body held up. I now am starting a 13 week plan for Ayers Rock/Uluru. My 7 continents challenge is only over 2 years, so I have to back them up pretty quick with 4 this year and 3 next year. Next year I am going to have a 1 week turnaround between 2 of the race!

    1. Wow Chris! Had you run marathons close together in the past? Or is this your first experiment with it! This gives me hope that I can be ready in 6 weeks. I feel like I wasted some time after New Zealand while I debated Morocco, but maybe it was good for me to get some more recovery time. Good luck with the next training cycle and race in Ayers Rock.

    2. Hi Kiersten. Not sure if my previous reply made it to you or not. I had not run any marathons that close together before. It is definitely doable. If you need some inspiration, check out the This group did 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. I guided the women's winner on the Sydney leg as the race was at night and all the runners needed directions. :) Hope you had a great time in NZ. My wife and I are building a house in Queenstown right now as it is one of our fave places on earth. Check out my 7 marathons charity challenge website at and . Good luck and have a great race!


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