Morocco Training Week 2

Wham bam, another week of training nailed.

Week Of
Long Run
Weekly Total

  • I am SO glad I included one split long run in this training. I was questioning it, but it was perfect. After such a terrible long run last week, I needed a good long run this week. Getting 16 miles in for the day was a huge confidence builder, but splitting the run was a lot easier on my body!
  • I heart the track lately. I was inspired by watching Boston on Monday so Tuesday I went to the track (in the pouring rain) and cranked out 4 x 1 mile. And they were all at a 7 min/mile pace. I'm on fire!
  • I think I also felt so good running this week because it was colder. I know it will be hot in Morocco and I should be hoping for heat so I can acclimate, but I just really hate the heat. I am going to suffer on race day regardless, so shouldn't I just enjoy my training?
  • I am starting to where I am going to run in Morocco. I am not running an official race- just running 26.2 all by my lonesome. I want it to be safe most of all, but also hopefully interesting and scenic. I've gotten mixed answers on how safe it is for a woman to run alone. Anyone been to Morocco? Any advice?
just 3.5 weeks and I'll be here!


  1. Nice job on the repeats! Hmm. I guess you could overdress to practice running in the heat! Or run in the dark so you it's not as hot... but that is definitely not safe!


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