And Now What?

Despite a tough winter for training, I got in a solid block of training and ran a strong race in New Zealand, completing my sixth continent.

For awhile I was content to let my body recover and have nothing else on my athletic calender. I got enjoy the rest of my honeymoon in New Zealand without worrying that I needed to get in more running. When I got home and it was still freezing cold and snowing, I could go to the cozy gym for a spin class instead of forcing myself outside.

But now it has been a month and I was starting to want another goal. I want to know what is next.

In the back of my mind all winter, I thought that if New Zealand went well that I might try to get to Africa this spring. It's the training that really wears you down, and I don't know if I can train through another winter next year. Plus, I'll have a lot less time and money for travel since I'll be right in the middle of my intensive nursing program. However, it turns out that there is no quick, cheap way to get to Africa! I was hoping to just go over for a long weekend, but that isn't looking possible. (However, if anyone wants to sponsor me, I could get on a plane any day!!)

Since my running has been feeling really good since I got back, I started to look at races close to home. Maybe I could leverage my fitness and set a PR in the half. However, all of the races are over $70! Now that I'm back in school, money is a lot tighter around here, and I have a hard time dropping $70-$100 to just go run a half.

I'm also normally starting to transition into triathalon mode about now. However, the Tri for the Y isn't being held this year and I didn't get into Tri for a Cure. I've started to look at other races, but once again the money thing gets me. I have a hard time justifying spending the equivalent of a week's worth of groceries on a race that will last a couple hours at most when I could just go ride my bike, go for a run, or go to a class at the gym for free.

So basically I have made no decisions. As much as I would love to jet over to Africa and finish my seven continents, I don't think that it going to happen. I'd like to have a race or two on my calender, but I just can't convince myself it is worth the money.

What is your next goal? How do you decide what is next?