Birthday Surprises

Happy Friday! I was so busy sharing my exciting marathon news earlier this week that I totally forgot to tell you about the awesome weekend I had last weekend. Better late than never right?

It was the hubby's 30th birthday so I decided to plan a whole day of surprises. The man does not really like not knowing the plan, so the best part (for me) was teasing him about the surprise for weeks before the big day. I'm such a nice wife.

We got the birthday boy (and the dogs) all decked out in birthday attire and then we hit the road.

Surprise stop #1 was Maine Indoor Karting. It was a huge hit!

You will notice I am not on the podium. I came in last. The birthday boy whopped us all- he lapped me 3 times! It like he was professionally trained to drive vehicles really quickly......

Surprise Stop #2 was lunch at Asmara, an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant in Portland. We started with some magical honey wine (made more magical with mini sombreros). The food is served family style on top of injera, a flatbread made of teff. You don't get silverware, instead you scoop up the food with the injera. We got a little bit of everything and managed not to make too much of a mess eating with our hands!

After our lunch feast, we wandered around the city a bit to make some room in our stomachs. Because stop # 3 was a doozy. We went to Gelato Fiasco for the Fiasco. The fiasco is an enormous sundae built on top of brownies and topped with all kinds of cookies and hot fudge,

We got to pick 10 flavors! We each picked one and let the birthday boy choose the rest. We slayed that sundae!

We needed a break from eating and drinking, so we headed home for some board game action. Rory takes his games very seriously! I was quite suspicious he might be the trader in Shadows Over Camelot, so I didn't quite trust him when he promised that he would bring me back to life on his next turn if I killed myself for the good of the team.

Our final stop of the day was Arcadia, a bar in Portland that has all kinds of vintage board and video games. I am pretty terrible at video games and pinball, but it was still a ton of fun! 

Happy Birthday Rory!