Durability and Warranty

In New Zealand my beloved Asics Gel Cumulus 16 running shoes completely fell apart. Most of the heel on the sole of my right foot fell off and there were tears in both toe-boxes. Luckily they waited until after the marathon to do so.

bye bye beloved shoes. I left you in the trash in New Zealand
However I wasn't upset at all because I'd worn them for more than four months and four hundred miles. They were rough miles too- snowy, icy, salty, and sandy. They lived a long life and wore out evenly.

Yet when my Mizuno Wave Rider sneakers started to tear on the outer right side of the toe box recently, I was really annoyed. They are only a couple months old and I only wear them at the gym. So they don't get nearly as much use as my running shoes. Plus, it seemed like a design flaw. They still seemed nearly new everywhere, there was just this one weak spot where the softer fabric met the harder plastic overlay. 

Just for the heck of it I sent Mizuno an e-mail. To my surprise they wrote right back and said that the shoes had a one year warranty. As long as I could provide proof of purchase, they would replace the shoes. Sweet!

But this got me thinking. A year is actually really generous. I wouldn't expect most running shoes to last a whole year. I wonder if people take advantage of it? Or I wonder if more people are like me and have no idea there is a year warranty.

How long do you expect your shoes to last?

Have you ever asked the manufacturer to replace a pair?

Have you ever tried to return something you knew you really shouldn't?
(I think my husband wins the prize for this. He returned a hat that the dog chewed up to LL Bean. Or maybe my Mom who brought back a 30 year old pair of boots. That lifetime warranty is a dangerous thing!)


  1. Wow, I"ve never had a pair of shoes fall apart! I usually run about 400 miles in a pair before it's time for new ones. But they're usually in such good condition that I give them to friends who wear my size for other activities!

  2. How awesome that they are gonna to take care of them! I just figure it's normal wear and tear after a few hundred miles and pitch them! Sounds like it was definitely a design flaw with the Mizunos though. Hope the new pair doesn't do it!


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