Morocco Training: The End!

Here was my 6 week training plan:
Week Of
Long Run
Weekly Total

Since my first 3 weeks went exactly as planned, and I was still feeling good. I didn't need to make any changes for my last couple weeks. With just 6 weeks to train, I tried to strike a balance between building enough fitness and not over-training. So although I did taper, it was a bit higher mileage than what I've done in the past. 

The week of 5/4 my long run was 13.1 (I had to run that extra .1 at the end just to make it half marathon distance) and I had a weekly total of 28.8 miles.

The week of 5/11 my long run was exactly 8.0 and I ran 23.4 total miles.

Both weeks I went slightly over my planned total miles because it was just so darn nice out that I wanted to be outside, but the extra miles were just easy miles. 

So am I ready to run a marathon?

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I am ready to sit by this pool!
Honestly, I don't know. This is the first time I've attempted 2 marathons relatively close together. My longest run was only 17 miles. But, I also did a full 16 week training plan before this for New Zealand, that totaled more than 450 miles. I ran a strong race there. So I had a solid level of fitness and I was just topping off the endurance tank.

After 7 marathons, I know I will finish. I am not flying all the way to Morocco for 3 days to not finish 26.2 miles. I will finish even if I have to crawl!

I know that no one really cares how fast I do it, and I recognize that I don't want to smash myself to pieces just to finish 20 minutes faster. But there is also that part of my that always wants to do my absolute best. I am trying to prepare myself for the fact that not may not be my best time: I have no time to acclimate once we get there so I'll be jet lagged and not used to the heat. Plus, I won't be on a planned, closed course. I've just got to keep telling myself that finishing is all that matters!


  1. You're a veteran, and you'll do what it takes to get across that finish line! I'm excited for you!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I still haven't mastered the mental aspect of marathons: I always psyche myself out.


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